Websites and organisations that offer help to people with a problem

We like to act the maggot, but we’re no fools, and we’d be stupid to help you identify a problem and then not tell you how to address it. So where should you or someone you know go, if there’s a problem?

First of all, it might seem like a big deal to admit that there’s a problem – and it is. Problem gambling can destroy lives. But people admit they have a problem every day, and nobody thinks any less of them. In fact, it’s a sign of greater strength to admit there’s a problem, and even greater again to seek out help.

Below is a list of organisations who deal with people who have gambling problems every day. They’re the best people to contact first.



When you want to take away access

If you feel like the best course of action is to remove the ability to access all gambling websites, then Gamban is an independent organization who make an app that blocks access to all sites and apps, across your phone, tablet and computer.

GAMSTOP is another facility that lets you restrict your gambling activities across multiple UK gambling websites. You just upload your info to their site, and they’ll pass it on to the betting and gaming companies.

MOSES lets you restrict your betting in multiple betting shops – usually the ones near where you work or live. It works by uploading a photo, that is passed on to the shops in your area, who then intervene if one of the staff recognise an individual who has self-excluded.


When you’re experiencing problems with debt

Often, gambling can lead to problems with unpaid loans or debt, which can mean there’s an urge to gamble to pay off these. Do not do this.
Instead, there are organisations that can help with making a plan to addressing your debt. It’s never as bad as you think it is, so these organisations really can help.

See our ‘Tools’ page as well for ways that can help you stop gambling immediately.