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Think you have Issues?

Some advice on what to do

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If you have questions or concerns about your gambling, support organisations such as GamCare have experienced staff that can provide information and advice, refer you to other sources of help and also tell you what may be available locally. This can include referral to sources of help about money and debt advice, along with identifying other suitable forms of personal help such as counselling, and crisis support GamCare also offers free face-to-face and online counselling for those affected by a gambling problem either directly or via its network of treatment providers across Britain.

Problem gamblers may benefit from help directed specifically at getting their gambling back under control, as well as help directed at managing the consequences of problem gambling such as debt, stress and relationship breakdown.


What is problem gambling?


Problem gambling is a compulsion to continue gambling despite the negative consequences it may have. This behaviour can seriously impact the gambler as well as those closest to them. On top of the potential financial impact it can also cause stress, depression and anxiety. If gambling is affecting you or someone you know in this manner, it is considered a gambling problem.




Tips to stay in control

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Some helpful tips & tools to stay betting within your limits.

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Block gambling websites

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How to block gambling sites from PC's, laptops and mobiles

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