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I have a problem

There is always a solution

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If you’re experiencing problems in your life don’t go sticking your head in the sand. Your problem will still be there when you resurface and you’re not going to find it any easier to solve with a head full of sand.  Tackle it head on and start to regain control over your life. 


How to self exclude

If you are having an issue with gambling Paddy power has a number of options to help you. If you feel the problem is overwhelming for you, you can request a permanent lifetime self-exclusion. Paddy Power will close your account permanently and you will not be able to reopen it. We will also endeavour to detect any new accounts you may open and close them too. If you opt for self-exclusion with Paddy Power we recommend you do the same with every other bookmaker you have an account with.

To Take a break you can choose between a Short break (1-30 days) or a long break (6 months, 1 year, 3 years or 5 years).   To Take a Break from Paddy Power you can do so by contacting our customer service team by phone, chat or e-mail citing that you would like to self-exclude, and they will be happy to help.

If you choose a short break your account will be automatically re-activated after your short break has elapsed.  If you choose a long break you must contact Customer Support to start the reactivation process.  The reactivation process takes up to 24 hours.  

For more information on our Take a Break function please click here.

Help us to help you! 

If you have chosen to self-exclude we it would be great if you kept us informed of any changes to the details listed on your Paddy Power account.  This will help is to ensure that you remain protected when you self-exclude from Paddy Power.

Ask someone for help

You may be able to deal with your problem by yourself but it can be a lot easier with some support. Whether it’s a spouse, family member, friend or one of the support organisations listed below, if you need help it’s there.

There are plenty of support organisations, who specialise in assisting problem gamblers, which offer confidential help and advice.

Limit your access to cash

Most problem gamblers find that for quite a time they can't stop gambling if they have cash in their pocket and the betting shop or casino is open. Many who stop gambling take a lot of trouble to get their cash flow under control.

Fill the gap

Research suggests that people struggling with a gambling problem can spend up to 80% of their time thinking about gambling. When so much of your time is spent thinking about one thing it’s not going to be easy to give up. The key is to break the thought and behavioural patterns which lead to excessive gambling. Very often boredom is a key catalyst and by filling your time with healthier and more constructive activities you can regain control. Particularly during vulnerable times when you may feel compelled to bet.

Block gambling websites

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How to block gambling sites from PC's, laptops and mobiles

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Take a Break

How to self Exclude

Information on Take a Break from Paddy Power

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